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    A HIPAA compliant, economical and brief neurobehavioral assessment that indicates the probability of cognitive impairment.

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Head Trauma

The Problem

Every 23 seconds,

someone in the U.S. suffers an acquired brain trauma.

Standard neuropsychological assessments for single tort cases can prove challenging due to the length of many cognitive batteries, the need to administer tests in the clinic, and cost.

Neurobehavioral impairments are commonly experienced by persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and may contribute to difficulties performing instrumental and basic activities of daily living.

Our Solution

Our HIPAA compliant, economical and brief cognitive screening solution is delivered remotely utilizing our proprietary online assessment that takes minutes to perform, and gives you – the attorney – immediate automated results indicating a high or low probability of cognitive impairment.

The client’s evaluation is delivered via the Nexus TeleNeuroHealth system on any internet-connected computer or mobile device. There is no need for an in-person clinic appointment. The cognitive tests are augmented with a clinical interview via secure video chat by a board-certified neurologist or neuropsychologist who is also certified for telemedicine consultations – in a setting of your client’s choice.

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Our Mission

We strive to improve the efficiency and outcome of litigated cases by launching:
A triage screening solution that allows attorneys to make an early determination about the probability of a client’s cognitive impairment following an acquired head trauma – all before investing significant funds and resources into cases.

About Us

Est. 2005
Nexus Clinical Solutions, through its affiliated company, the Sports Concussion Institute (SCI), provides state-of-the-art services for concussion care and provider management across the patient’s lifespan. We were chosen as a lead-provider manager for the NFL Concussion Injury Class Action Settlement. With that successful experience, we’re expanding our clinical solutions to single tort cases.


Dr Tony Strickland

Dr. Tony L. Strickland

Founder & CEO

Dan Berger

Dan Berger

Chief IT Architect

julian bailes

Dr. Julian Bailes

Chief Medical Officer

Clinical Staff


Paul Longobardi, MA, PhD

Attending Neuropsychologist 


Ivan A. Fras, MD

Attending Neurologist

Kevin Carroll, PhD

Attending Neuropsychologist


Katherine Kruser, PsyD

Director of Clinical Onboarding


Marlene Garza, PsyD

Consulting Neuropsychologist

Lina Lee, CBIS

Cognitive Rehabilitation Specialist


Devin Randle, MA

Psychological Extern


Matt Kloeris, MS

Psychological Extern

Nexus Advantage

  • Proprietary brief online cognitive assessment

  • Advanced HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform

  • Board certified clinicians

  • Subject Matter Experts in neurobehavioral health


Small (1-24)

$2500 per assessment

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